My name is Matthew Rodriguez and I was Born in Las Vegas,Nevada. My mom's choice for my name, meaning "gift from God" intrinsically led me to leave Las Vegas to Live in Tulsa Oklahoma in 2011. Early on in life, I wanted to travel and more than the plain brown desert. So at the age of 18, I spent six months in Jaipur,India on a mission. Here was where I realized that as insignificant as the world can make us feel sometimes, we have the power within us to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and beliefs, forever changing the course of our lives and impacting us both in the smallest or most significant ways.

              My love for the open road and its unpredictability brought about an appreciation for the local scene in different cities,their artists, their entrepreneurs, musicians and the people. I found myself drawn to speciality coffee shops and eventully craft breweries and any business that had a unique story to share. We are all looking for that inspiring experience from the newest craft shop or foodie spots but what inspires me is the personal connection, hearing their story, how they came about and what makes them passionate about their journey.